26 Nov 2022

The only thing was the chips was a bit crispy for me


21 Nov 2022

Amazing food. Good portions. Tasty. Delivered hot and on time by a pleasant driver. Definitely be back. Thanks


14 Nov 2022



12 Nov 2022

12 Nov 2022

Meal was really nice. Thank you 😊


11 Nov 2022

Great pizzas


03 Nov 2022


29 Oct 2022


26 Oct 2022

i did not get my order


11 Oct 2022

Forgot to put curry sauce in after I had paid for it, I phoned to say and the staff member who answered the phone was talking about us while still being on the phone and didn’t think we could hear, I got told it would be 10 mins and they’d send another one out but it never came. Normally a big fan on Ali’s but the customer service last night was horrible, as a paying customer the staff member on the phone shouldn’t be answering the phones due to his rude customer service


09 Oct 2022

Excellent food and service


04 Oct 2022

Didn't receive order as they weren't delivering


01 Oct 2022

As always fast delivery and great food just let down by the fact the salad was past its best and slimey.


01 Oct 2022

Pizza not as good as usual, much thicker base and not so much topping but still enjoyed


27 Sep 2022

Unfortunately a lot of our order was over cooked. I dont mind the odd little bit but it was inedible. Pakoras/onion rings were left untouched. No difference in chips/fries… I miss the old chips 😂 Pizza was okay but again the corn and onions on it were a bit too crispy. Burgers seemed a bit skimpy with the toppings but they were apparently fine as they were eaten. Been using Ali’s since about 2005 so I’ll no doubt continue to order but I won’t lie quality could have been better this time. I’ll hope for next time. This isn’t meant to be in anyway a bad review in a bid to hurt reputation either. Just making points!


25 Sep 2022

I ordered 2 pizza's and garlic mushrooms online from Ali's last night at 10.09pm , I then recieved a text immediately to say thank you for your order and that it would be delived by 10.50pm only to phone them at 11.37pm to ask where my order was (I just assumed they were really busy and that's why it was late) to be told they hadn't received my order. So I received a text message to say "thank you for your order" and an email to ask how my meal was which I'm replying to now but never got any food delivered. I was really angry as at 11.40pm last night it was then too late to order food from anywhere. I have been a loyal All's customer for years.


18 Sep 2022


14 Sep 2022


10 Sep 2022

Stated 40 mins delivery time arrived in 20. Really good service.


09 Sep 2022

The delivery was quicker than expected and the food was nice and hot.I enjoyed it.I will definatly order again


09 Sep 2022



02 Sep 2022

The pizza didn't really have cheese on it at all and I ask for just scrapings off tomato puree also the chips were so hard over cooked and baked potatoe had more cheese n beans than potato


20 Aug 2022

Excellent service


16 Aug 2022


10 Aug 2022


05 Aug 2022


05 Aug 2022


03 Aug 2022

Over an hour and 30 minutes for delivery. Called after an hour and was told 5 minutes. Came 30 minutes after being told that Next time will collect.


02 Aug 2022


31 Jul 2022

Chips were overdone but meal was enjoyable you could do with getting either Coke Zero or Pepsi Max these are better for diabetic customers


31 Jul 2022

Always a good meal


30 Jul 2022

Fast delivery food was good but donor meat at was a bit greasy


28 Jul 2022

Pizza was very very greasy it soaked through the bottom of the box.


28 Jul 2022


19 Jul 2022

Ali's is great


18 Jul 2022


18 Jul 2022


16 Jul 2022

Delivered in half estimated delivery time. Great service.


10 Jul 2022

The best takeaway!


04 Jul 2022

Always great service and great food


04 Jul 2022

Pakora burnt to a crisp and pizza undercooked. Can only assume Ali on holiday but eontbe rushing back, if at all!


30 Jun 2022


27 Jun 2022

Chips were raw!


27 Jun 2022

It clearly says on my order that I ordered and paid for a doner wrap however I didn’t receive this and when I called the restaurant explaining that I never received what I paid for I was told that they had received a different item on their end from and that there was nothing they could do! I questioned this as I have proof of my order clearly stating I ordered and paid for a wrap but they weren’t having any of it, so I was left with an item I never ordered and wouldn’t eat and loss of money, absolutely shocking.


26 Jun 2022


25 Jun 2022


24 Jun 2022

When I order macaroni cheese I expect to get that not penne with a completely different sauce which was a white sauce


21 Jun 2022

Food was great but had to call as order didn't arrive was told they hadn't checked there online deliveries but as soon as as we called they made and send order out


19 Jun 2022

I have had very good experience with food in the past but I wasn't impressed this time I had a calzone and some of meat tasted too dry as if overcooked and meat had a funny taste I don't know if its a change of supplier but unfortunatly was not as nice as ones in the past


12 Jun 2022



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